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Bournemouth Art College > HTV > Freelance.

All genres of long and short films and documentaries for TV and cinema, especially music and arts, including numerous French, German & American co-productions.

Owning a well-equipped cutting room, I’m technically self-sufficient, and able to mix audio, perform colour-correction, and make DCPs for theatrical screenings.


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Recent projects

“ABBA Silver, ABBA Gold” - 50 years on...

Stanza Media, Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt.

“Doreen Doreen - The Fear”

Music video for legendary band. Dir: Carol Whitworth.

“Catraz - Tick Tock”

Music video featuring rap artist Catraz. Dir: Alex Lucas.


April - June 2023 - “ABBA Silver, ABBA Gold” – 50 min documentary about the evergreen pop group. It’s 25 years since the smash hit musical Mamma Mia! and 50 years since their Eurovision breakthrough song, Waterloo. Stanza Media. Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt.

March 2023 - “ABBA Silver, ABBA Gold” – a teaser for the upcoming latest episode in the ABBA story. The latest incarnation includes their 2021 album Voyage, and scenes from their sell-out digital ABBA-tar show in London. Stanza Media. Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt.

Feb 2023 - “Avant Première Showreel 2023” for the Berlin IMZ - Music & Media sales and promotional screenings, featuring TV & VOD documentaries and shows from Stanza Media and LA-based Pop Twist Entertainment. Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt / Doug Zwick.

Jan - April 2023 - “Elton John v George Michael” & “Ed Sheeran v Adele” – continuing the award-winning series of Light Entertainment music shows for 7 Network, Australia, comparing various artists in different categories. Stanza Media. Dir/Prod: Chris Hunt.

August 2022 - “Doreen Doreen – The Fear” - Legendary Bristol band playing their ever popular The Fear/Insomniamash-up at the Bristol Harbour Festival 50th Anniversary. Filmed on 6 iPhones, edited on both Avid and DaVinci Resolve. Dir: Carol Whitworth.

Feb - May 2022 - “ABBA v Queen” & “Kylie Minogue v The Bee Gees” – Light Entertainment music shows featuring various artists for 7 Network, Australia. New York Festivals TV & Film Bronze Award, Performing Arts. Stanza Media. Dir/Prod: Chris Hunt.

June 2021 - “Catraz – Tick Tock” crazy music video featuring the Bristol music and rap artist/producer Catraz. Self-shot on a smart phone, then edited, composited, graded and finished using Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 17. Music/Performer/Dir: Alex Lucas.

Feb - Mar 2021 - “Avant Première Showreel 2021” for IMZ Music and Media Market sales and promotion screenings, plus “Riverdance25” – editing additional material for website publicity and promos for various social media formats. Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt.

June 2020 - “Fabienne Verdier – sur les terres de Cézanne” – The French abstract expressionist painter held her first major retrospective in Aix-en-Provence, following her working directly in the landscape of the Montagne Sainte-Victoire. Prod/Dir: Mark Kidel.

Feb - April 2020 - “Riverdance25 Anniversary” - Opening at Dublin’s Point Theatre in February 1995, the box-office sensation returns to the same stage to celebrate 25 years of global success. A StageScreen production for cinema and TV. Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt.

May 2019 - “ABBA Forever - a Celebration” - It’s 50 years since the members of Abba first met in 1969, yet they are still as popular today as ever. WordFest platinum best TV arts documentary. Stanza Media production for PBS & worldwide. Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt.

Feb 2019 - “Avant Première Showreel 2019” - Promo for the annual IMZ Music and Media Market performing arts screenings in Berlin. Michael Jackson and Abba feature in two docs planned for post-production this year. Stanza Media. Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt.

Dec 2018 - “River Walks – The Exe” - Stanley Johnson and daughter Rachel take a hike along the upper reaches of the Exe for the network BBC Inside Out strand. Producer: Maggie Latham. An Available Light Production. Prod/Director: David Parker.

Nov 2018 - “Helaine Blumenfeld at Ely Cathedral” - Perhaps best known for her large-scale abstract yet spiritual works, the American sculptor exhibited a variety of sculptures in and around the cathedral. A Thinking Violets production. Prod/Dir: Rupert Edwards.

April 2018 - “Kiss Me Kate, Oklahoma” (and many others) - A series of DCP trailers made for cinema distribution to promote the presentation of these outstanding musical productions in cinemas worldwide. Stanza Media. Prod / Director: Chris Hunt.

March 2018 - “Sony PXW-Z190” - New product launch for Sony at NAB 2018 unveiling its compact news-orientated, high resolution, high frame-rate video camera. Shot and post-produced in 4K at 60 fps. A Skills2Film production. DoP/Dir: Jeremy Humphries.

Jan 2018 - “The Juilliard Experiment” - Preparation of deliverables for international television deal of this cinema art film about French artist Fabienne Verdier, directed by Mark Kidel of Calliope Media. Requested by Paris-based ZED Distribution.

Nov 2017 - “Franco Zeffirelli - Directing from Life” - 60 min ZDF/ORF, recalling the life and work of the renowned production designer and director, notably of operas and Shakespeare for stage, cinema and television. Stanza Media. Dir/Prod: Chris Hunt.

July 2017 - “Talking Lines - Pinakothek der Moderne” -Contemporary French abstract painter Fabienne Verdier’s work is contrasted with that of experimental, late 20th century German multimedia artist Sigmar Polke. Calliope Media.  Dir: Mark Kidel.

June 2017 - “Beach Boys ’64 - Waves of Change” - Taster featuring early footage of the group in concert and demonstrating how, in the immediate post-Kennedy era, their music was to be influenced by The Beatles. Stanza Media. Director: Chris Hunt.

May 2017 - “Seydou Keïta” - A short film about how the great Malian portrait photographer’s work was rediscovered in the 1990s by French curator André Magnin, contrasting the Western and African perceptions of art. Calliope Media. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

March 2017 - “Sony MCX-500” - A commercial portraying a small production team using the Sony portable vision-mixer/recorder/streamer in use at London Fashion Week. Writer, DoP and Director: Jeremy Humphries. A Skills2Film production for Sony.

Nov - Jan 2017 - “Becoming Cary Grant” - 52 & 85 mins. A Bristol boy’s journey to being a Hollywood icon. Post-production & trailer editor. Cannes Classics Selection2017. Yuzu Prods & Showtime. Prods: Christian Popp & Nick Ware. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

September 2016 - “Collection Looser - Museum Folkwang” - An exhibition combining works from both the Museum Folkwang and the Hubert Looser Collection, including: Rodin, Pollock, Rothko, Verdier, Twombly and de Kooning. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

August 2016 - “Anderson and Sheppard” - An artistic and unusual corporate web film about the people who work at the famous tailors on Savile Row. Filmed on the Ikonoskop super 16mm raw/dng camera, with music by The Insects. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

May 2016 - “Under the Shade of the Tree”. A short film to raise awareness about the traumatic effects of war on women and children refugees who fled after the collapse of the Somali government in 1991. Trauma Awareness Prods. Prod/Dir: Rissa Mohabir.

March 2016 - “The Juilliard Experiment” - 83 min cinema doc. French contemporary artist, Fabienne Verdier spends a symbiotic semester interacting with student musicians at the famous music school in New York. Calliope Media. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

February 2016 - “Skills2 Film Showreel” from BAFTA nominated C4 series featuring Kevin McCloud. Also, “BESA Conference 2016” - two corporate videos for the British Educational Studies Association. Skills2Film prods. Cam/Dir: Jeremy Humphries.

January 2016 - “Seydou Keïta” - Taster for a documentary about the great portrait photographer from Bamako who used large format black & white film to capture Malian society during the forties, fifties and early sixties. Calliope Media. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

June 2015 - “I Want To Take You Higher” (trailer) 20 min. A taster to raise interest for a full length about the highly influential sixties musicians, Sly and The Family Stone. Off and online plus audio mix. Calliope Media and others TBC co-prod. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Nov 2014 - “A Night at Hampton Court” 60 min, BBC 2. Historians Lucy Worsley and David Starkey go “live” behind the scenes at the christening of Henry VIII’s son, Edward.  Comm Ed: Mark Bell. Exec Prod: Mike Poole. Prod/Dir:John Das. VIMEO

Oct 2014 - “Fabienne Verdier 2” - Two intriguing films about the French contemporary artist’s current exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou, Metz and at Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne, Schloss Herrenchiemsee. Calliope Media. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

June 2014 - “Seven Wonders of The Commonwealth” - 60 min, BBC 1. Clare Balding, Dan Snow and others explore some of the world’s most spectacular sights. BBC Bristol. Comm Ed: Tom Edwards. Exec Prod: Sacha Mirzoeff. Dir/Prod: Harvey Lilley. VIMEO

Feb 2014 - “Harry’s South Pole Heroes” - 2x60 min, ITV. 3 teams of wounded soldiers attempt to race to the South Pole, accompanied by Prince Harry. Twofour prods. Comm Ed: Katy Thorogood. Exec Prod: Bridget Sneyd. Dir/Prod: Alexis Girardet. VIMEO

Dec 2013 - “Tomorrow’s Worlds” 4 x 60 min, BBC2/USA. Historian Dominic Sandbrook time-travels through the genre of science fiction, encountering its creators and innovators. Exec Prod: Mike Poole. Series Eds: Ben Southwell, John Das. VIMEO

Oct 2013 - “Fabienne Verdier” - Three films about the French contemporary artist’s homage to the Flemish Masters at exhibitions in Bruges and  Brussels as well as her work at the Kunsthaus in Zurich. Calliope Media. Dir: Mark Kidel.

June 2013 - “David McCormick’s Choicest Cuts” 40 min. A collection of clips through the years, from the NHU to Wallace and Gromit, prepared for a viewing session as part of David’s summer farewell gathering in Long Ashton. R.I.P. Dir: Jill Garret.

April - May 2013 - “Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance” - 90 mins, ARTE / BBC 4. A definitive portrait of one of rock music’s most original and versatile writers and performers. Calliope Media / Les Films d’Ici. Prod: Laurent Duret. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Oct - Nov 2012 - “Johnny Kingdom and the Bears of Alaska” - 60 mins, BBC 4. Johnny goes on a quest to film Alaskan bears catching salmon on Kodiak Island. Available Light. Dir: David Parker. Prod: Wendy McLean. Comm Ed: Clare Paterson. VIMEO

July 2012 - “Harry’s Mountain Heroes” - 90 mins, ITV. 5 wounded soldiers’ attempt on Everest, backed by charity Walking with the Wounded & Prince Harry. Twofour prods. Ex Prod: Bridget Sneyd. Comm Ed: Diana Howie. Dir/Prod: Alexis Girardet. VIMEO

May 2012 - “Klezmer! Now That’s What I Call East European Jewish Wedding Music!” - 60 mins Timeshift, BBC4. A music that nearly died out, but has now gone global. Series Prod: William Naylor. Exec: Mike Poole. Dir: Merryn Threadgould. VIMEO

March 2012 - “Masterclass” - Violinists Zakhar Bron and Boris Kuschnir take classes at Verbier and join the ever expanding library of the well-respected, award-winning Masterclass Media Foundation. Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer.

Feb 2012 - “Lesson Starters - Maths” - 60 mins, BBC Learning. Short drama-docs posing mathematical challenges to 9-year-olds. Available Light Productions. Prod: David Parker. Exec prod: Katy Jones. Dirs: Jo Hurst, Merryn Threadgould. VIMEO

Dec 2011 - “The Whole Truth” - 60 mins, BBC4. Barrister Harry Potter’s journey through British justice system. I was only part editor but pleased to work with Director Tom Cholmondeley and again with (Series Prod) Mike Poole and (Prod) John Das.

Nov 2011 - “I-Think” - 20 mins. Leading business thinker, writer and lecturer Roger Martin (The Opposable Mind) introduces his teaching methods to younger students in the schools of Toronto. Black Sheep Film Productions. Prod: Anisa McMullan.

Oct 2011 - AVID/FCP teaching. With the recent fast-changing editing software updates I was asked by some colleagues to provide training sessions on my own kit for established AVID editors to refresh their knowledge of FCP and vice versa.

Sept 2011 - “Preparing For The Wild” - 30 mins. A behind the lens look at the planning & safety of the highly rated self-shoot survival series by Tigress Productions for Discovery. Prod: Charlotte Jones, Exec Prods: Dick Colthurst, Dan Korn. VIMEO

July 2011 - “Northam Farm Caravan Park - 2” - HDCAM 9 mins. Re-commission and re-shoot of the previously hugely successful video promoting this popular Somerset holiday resort. Reybridge Films Ltd. Camera: Eric Huyton. Prod/Dir: Louise Heren.

July 2011 - “Masterclass” - Continuing the award-winning series of sessions for music students wordwide with 3 piano classes by Boris Berman featuring Chopin, Beethoven and Debussy. Masterclass Media Foundation. Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer.

July 2011 - “Beyond The Gates” A series of very moving, short biographical films made by young offenders at Ashfield YOI, shot on Canon D5 SLRs by inmates and professional crew. Black Sheep Film Productions. Prod: Anisa McMullan.

July 2011 - “Peppermouth” 15 min film about the enthusiastic young pupils at Crown Lane School learning how to cook proper food from professional chef Colin Davies. Filmed and produced by Merryn Threadgould.VIMEO

June 2011 - “Set the Piano Stool on Fire” Screenings at the Curzon Theatre, Mayfair and at Watershed, Bristol. “…one of the most fascinating films about pianists ever made…” Michael Church, The Independent, May 2011.

April 2011 - “AF Editing Archive” Re-mastering of over 130 productions that I have worked on professionally since 1983, from various archive sources into file based format for storage, ease of access and showreel/promotion purposes.

Feb - March 2011 - “Masterclass” - continuing the highly acclaimed and award winning sessions aimed at music students. More songs and arias with Thomas Quasthoff and flute works with Emmanuel Pahud. MMF Prod/Dir: Mischa Scorer.

Nov - Dec 2010 - “The Brendel Lectures” 6 x 80 mins. Alfred Brendel refuses to retire into the wings and presents a series of lectures in Salzburg in both English and German. Producer: Magdalena Herbst for Unitel GmbH. Dir: Mark Kidel.

September 2010 - “Masterclass” audio versions. Re-formatting the entire set of MMF DVDs as WAV files with new commentary to provide audio book presentation for the blind, at the request of the American Library of Congress NLS. Dir: Mischa Scorer.

May - July 2010 - “The Way of the Heart” doc - 60 mins. The story of Hazrat Inayat Kahn, the founder of Sufism in the West and how his teachings influence today’s generation of followers. Sufi Order International.  Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

Feb - Mar 2010 – “Set the Piano Stool on Fire” doc - 80 mins. As the famous pianist Alfred Brendel faces retirement, he takes on the mentoring of the remarkable young Kit Armstrong. Calliope Media, Artificial Eye, ZDF. Dir/Prod: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

October 2009 - “Plácido Domingo - The Time of My Life” - 60 mins. Re-version with new sequences and interview for BBC 1’s Imagine series. Iambic Media production. Series Ed: Alan Yentob. Re-version Director: Steve Cole, Prod: Chris Hunt. VIMEO

September 2009 - “Masterclass” - at the Verbier Festival 2009. More maestros (including: pianist Stephen Kovacevich and conductor Kurt Masur) impart their wisdom to music students. Masterclass Media Foundation. Prod/Dir: Mischa Scorer.

July 2009 - “Knock-knock” - Music video for rap artist Catraz. Green-screen live action with animated graphics / FX. Off / on-line FCP edit for multi-platform distribution. GFX: Beki Wills. Director: Alex Lucas.  Produced for Kevin Marston, Cannonball PR. VIMEO

Mar 2009 - “Plácido Domingo - My Favourite Roles” - 90 mins for ZDF / ARTE. The most prolific, world-renowned Spanish tenor reflects on his life and career in opera. Iambic Media production. Exec Prod: Martin Schneider. Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt.

October 2008 - “Inspired by Nature” - 3 x 60 mins NHU for BBC2. Bill Oddie takes a look at nature’s influence on well-known works of literature, music and art. Dirs: Susie Painter, Lucinda Axelsson. Prod: Hilary Jeffkins. Comm Ed:  Emma Swain.

July 2008 - “Northam Farm Caravan Park - HDCAM 9 mins. High class HD corporate video promoting the facilities and attractions of this popular Somerset holiday resort. Reybridge Films Ltd. Camera: Eric Huyton. Producer/Director: Louise Heren.

June 2008 - “Michael White - How to be an Impresario” HD 60 mins. The roller-coaster life of this legendary theatre and film producer (Oh! Calcutta!, The Rocky Horror Show).World’s End Films. Prod/Dir: Guy Kennaway. VIMEO

April 2008 - “Building Your Team’s Global Effectiveness. 30 min corporate video. Opportunity to work through from off-line edit to designing the graphics, doing the grade, on-line and sound mix in Final Cut Pro. Director: Fiona Mackenzie.

Mar 2008 - “À Fleure de Touche - Leon Fleisher”. 40 min for ARTE. Having recently regained the use of his right hand after many years, pianist Leon Fleisher performs at the Singer Institute in Paris. Les Films d’Ici. Assc. Prod: Serge Lalou. Dir: Mark Kidel.

Jan - Feb 2008 - “Masterclass” - More in the series for music students wordwide. This time, two memorable classes at the Royal Northern by Evelyn Glennie and Hårkan Hardenburger. Masterclass Media Foundation. Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer.

Sept 2007 - Digital Cinema drama short for Disney Corporation at Dolby Laboratories, demonstrating the workflow from shooting on HDCAM 1080 / 24p through editing, grading, and up-scaling 1920 to 2048 for Digital Cinema presentation.

August 2007 - “Masterclass - Verbier - Continuation of a series of programmes designed to enlighten and encourage music students, filmed at the Verbier Festival Academy. Dir/prod: Mischa Scorer for the Masterclass Media Foundation.

Feb - April 2007 - “A Journey with Peter Sellars” - 90 + 60 min for ARTE. Observing the avant-garde opera / theatre director while he travels the globe in the course of his work and his meditation. Prod: Marie Balducchi for Agat Films. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Dec 2006 - Jan 2007 - “Masterclass” - András Schiff and Maxim Vengerov visit the Royal College of Music, passing on their wisdom and techniques to young musicians. Dir/prod: Mischa Scorer for the Masterclass Media Foundation.

Sept  -  Nov 2006 - “Living with the Future” - IWC, 4 of 6x 30 min for BBC4. Simon Davis spends the weekend in some of Britain’s most exciting contemporary homes. Comm Ed: Jacqui Hughes. Exec Prod: John Lloyd. Ser Prod/Dir: Steve Rankin.

Sept 2006 - “The Price of Fame - A season of Music Documentaries” – screening at The Watershed (Bristol Arts Cinema) of some of Mark Kidel’s film portraits, including: Boy George, Ravi Shankar, Robert Wyatt, Tricky, and Mario Lanza.

July 2006 - “Masterclass” - A series of dvds/downloads designed for giving students  of music an insight into how today’s leading musicians interpret the works of the great composers. Dir/prod: Mischa Scorer for the Masterclass Media Foundation.

Apr - May 2006 - “Hungary 1956, Our Revolution” - 60 min BBC 4. Fifty years since the tragic events in Budapest. Grierson Award for Best Historical Documentary. Calliope Media/Les Films d’Ici. Co-prod: Serge Lalou. Dir/Prod: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Dec 2005 - “Searching for Peace in the Middle East” - 60 min. Ex-journalist and diplomat Landrum Bolling travels the West Bank and Gaza, meeting some remarkable people involved in the peace process. Dir / prod: Mischa Scorer for Quickfire.

Aug - Oct 2005 - “Mario Lanza - Singing to the Gods - 60 min BBC Wales Legends series for BBC2  and BBC4. The life and legacy of the 1950s tenor and Hollywood film star. Calliope Media. Com Ed: David Jackson. Dir/Prod: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

June 2005 - “The Trouble with… Old People” - 60min BBC 3. Comedian and writer Robin Ince is unhappy with old people refusing to grow up. Diverse production. Com Ed BBC: Ben Gale. Exec Prod: Leonie Jameson. Dir: Steven Rankin.

April 2005 - Europe... je t’aime” - 60 min Timeshift series for BBC 4. The love-hate relationship between Britain and our European neighbours over the last 60 years. Executive prod: Mike Poole. Series Prod: John Das. Dir: Gerry Dawson.

Jan 2005 - “Susheela Raman - Indian Journey” - 60 min for ARTE. Fusion vocalist Susheela Raman and husband, guitarist Sam Mills, travel to southern India, performing with local musicians. Les Films d’Ici. Prod: Serge Lalou. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Oct - Nov 2004 - Soul Deep: The Birth of Soul” - 1st of 6 x 60 min BBC 2 tracing the roots of black popular music from the Gospel and R&B of Ray Charles to Funk and Hip-hop. Exec Prod: Mike Poole. Ser Prod: William Naylor. Dir: Deep Sehgal. VIMEO

July - Aug 2004 - “Mindset” - 2 of 3 x 30mins for BBC 4. How the history and philosophy of the French, the Germans and the English have influenced their current ways of thinking, their politics and lifestyles. Series Prod: Mike Poole. Dir: John Das.

Mar 2004 - “Poor Little Rich Girls” - ITV1 life-swap series. Two girls from different backgrounds see what life’s like on the other side of the fence. Granada Bristol prod. Exec Prod: Helen Royle. Prod: Simon Kerfoot. Dirs: Barry Hecker, Iain Thompson.

Nov 2003 - Jan 2004 - “Imber - England’s Lost Village” - 60 min BBC 4. Artangel event in the village, with music by Giya Kancheli. Prod: Annie McGeoch, Exec Prods: Nick Stuart, Michael Morris, Rodney Wilson. Dir: Mark Kidel.

Oct 2003 - “RAVE” - 27 min for ARTE / France 3. American choreographer Karole Armitage's exciting colourful dance pieces with the Ballet de Lorraine from Nancy, France. Les Films d'Ici. Prods: Serge Lalou, Isabelle Mestre. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Sept 2003 - “Little Women” - 30 min. Part of The Big Readseries for BBC 2. Former teenage rebel Sandi Toksvig argues that this classic is still relevant today - and not just for children. BBC Bristol. Series Prod: Mike Poole. Dir: Merryn Threadgould. VIMEO

May 2003 - “Degas and the Dance” - Hi-def 55 min for WNET/Thirteen, ARTE & BBC 4. Degas' obsession with the world of ballet. Peabody & Golden Eagle Awards. Prods: Margaret Smilow, Junko Tsunashima. Dir: Mischa Scorer for Scorer Associates. VIMEO

Feb - Mar 2003 - “Paris Brothel” - 65 min for ARTE & BBC 4 Storyville - about the French brothels that flourished between the wars. In French. Com. Editors: BBC, Nick Fraser; ARTE, Pièrre-André Boutang. Calliope Media. Dir / Prod: Mark Kidel.

Dec 2002 - “Free Will and Testament” - 70 min BBC 4. Ex Soft Machine drummer and vocalist Robert Wyatt delves into his background, his influences, and gives a rare live performance. A Somethin' Else prod. Prod: Jez Nelson. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Sept 2002 - “Life on Air” - 60 min for BBC 1. Sir David Attenborough looks back over fifty years on and behind the small screen, presented by Michael Palin. BBC Bristol Natural History Unit production. Exec Prod: Mike Gunton. Dir: Brian Leith. VIMEO

August 2002 - “Ravi Shankar in Concert” - 60 min for DVD for Opus Arte. Ravi and Annoushka Shankar perform at the Union Chapel, Islington. Surround sound re-mixed at Abbey Road Studios. Producer: Ferenc Van Damme. Director: Mark Kidel.

July 2002 - “All The Small Things” - 10 min mini drama. Boy-meets-girl-boy-loses-girl-life-goes-on. Funded by the Jack Ashley Millenium Award for Young Deaf People. A BURSTEARDRUM production. Written, Produced and Directed by Samuel Dore. VIMEO

April 2002 - “Masterclass” - 4 x 30min for BBC 4. András Schiff and Steven Isserlis give insights into performing Schubert, Rachmaninov, Bach, and Schumann. A Kennedy Mellor production. Prod: Tatiana Kennedy. Dir: Mischa Scorer.

Oct - Nov 2001 - “The Trouble with Michel” - 60 min for BBC 4. French best-selling author Michel Houellebecq drinks & smokes his way through the chaos & death threats surrounding the publication of his latest novel. Prod: Mike Poole. Dir: Louise Wardle. VIMEO

Sept 2001 - “Roméo et Juliette” - 75 min film of the opera by Georges Gounod, starring Roberto Alagna & Angela Gheorghiu. Filmed on location in Czech Republic. Iambic production for Digital Classics. Prod: Chris Hunt. Dir: Barbara Willis Sweete.

June 2001 - “Ravi Shankar: Between Two Worlds” - 90min Agat Films / ARTE. FIPA Silver Award (French BAFTA). A spiritual & musical journey through the life of the famous sitar player in his eighties. Exec Prod: Jane Weiner. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Feb 2001 - “Quest For The True Cross” - 50 min for Channel 4 / Discovery, about archaeologist Carston Peter-Thiede's belief that a piece of wood from Jesus' cross still exists in Rome. Icon Films production. Prod: Harry Marshall. Dir: Justin Cartwright.

Nov 2000 – “Nimbus Records DVD” - Multi-video channel, interactive classical music DVDs, featuring the pianists: Bernard Roberts, Marta Deyanova, Mark Anderson and Martin Jones. Working with Don Trend and William Bowden of Nimbus Records Ltd.

Nov 2000 - “BCTN interactive” - One of a series of short prototype interactive videos made by Bristol production companies in association with the University of the West of England. Working with Duncan Speakman, via Laura Marshall of Icon Films.

Oct 2000 – “El Alamein” - Battlefields series. First of 4 x 50 min for BBC 2 presented by Richard Holmes. Key moments in the Desert War, combining archive and re-constructions. United Productions. Ser Prod: Mark Fielder. Dir: David Wilson. VIMEO

June - Aug 2000 - “Sailing to the Azores and Back” - Due to three months' work going down, I was able to carry out a life-long ambition to sail, single-handed to these mid Atlantic Islands in a 10 metre yacht - out of the cutting-room for the whole summer!

April 2000 - “Seeing is Believing” & “Plastic Planet” - Promos for up-coming series for BBC 1 and BBC 2 developed by the BBC Bristol Natural History Unit. Directors: Ted Oakes and Gavin Maxwell. Producers:Michael Bright, Neil Nightingale.

Mar 2000 - “Meeting Mr Lowry” - 20 min. More than just a painter of mills and matchstick men - an insight into the darker side of one of Britain's best-known artists. Commissioned by The Lowry gallery. Scorer Assc. Dir / Prod: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

Jan 2000 – “Gorilla Academy” - 30 min. Scorer Assc. Prod. BBC 1, Nat Geo. Animal keeper John Aspinal realizes his ambition to re-introduce two young gorillas to West Africa. Exec Prod: Neil Nightingale. Prod: Brian Leith. Dir: Gavin Thurston. VIMEO

Nov 1999 - “Bloodties” - BBC 2 - 30 min. Inserts for magazine programme about the delights and pitfalls of tracing family histories. Presented by Martha Kearney. RDF Bristol. Various Dirs. Series Prod: Elizabeth Wood. Exec. Prod: Sam Organ.

June 1999 - “Paul Merton” - 52 min. LWT South Bank Show. The comedian & writer, tells of his ambition as a shy boy, his period of mental breakdown & his fascination with improvisation. Scorer Assc. Ser Ed: Melvyn Bragg. Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

Feb 1999 - “The Really Wild Show” and "Cartoon Critters" - Inserts into lively children's natural history programmes, combining specially shot footage, library trims and cartoon sequences. BBC Children's NHU. Series Produced by Nigel Pope.

Jan 1999 - “City of Djinns” - One of 3 x 50 min for BBC. Grierson Award for Best TV Documentary Series. Writer William Dalrymple revisits Delhi and its benign spirits. An Icon Films Prod. Ser. Ed: Richard Denton. Dir/Prod: Hugh Thomson. VIMEO

Nov 1998 - “András Schiff plays Chopin” - 40 min. Filmed in Paris at the Ancien Conservatoire, Schiff performs the 24 Preludes on an original 1860’s Pleyel piano. Scorer Associates production released on Digital Classics. Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer.

Oct 1998 - “Chopin” - 50 min. BBC 1 Omnibus. András Schiff relates Chopin’s life: born in Poland, spending most of his in France, only returning to Poland upon his death. Scorer Assc. Series Prod: Gillian Greenwood. Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

 July 1998 - “Being There – Mountains” - 30 min for BBC Worldwide from the Natural History Unit. Series using out-takes, trims and library footage, combining quotes & poetry with music. Prod: Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey. Dir: Sarah Byatt.

April 1998 - “Zizi, je t'aime” - 60 min BBC 1 Omnibusspecial. The love story of Roland Petit and Zizi Jeanmaire, and their success creating innovative ballet and dance. Scorer Associates. Series Ed: Gillian Greenwood. Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

Mar 1998 - “Purple Penguin - The Return” - 4 min music video combining multiple video layers inter-cut with and superimposed over the singer of local band Purple Penguin, who recorded this track with Cup of Tea Records. Cam/Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Dec 1997 - “Amazing Earth” - 50 min for Discovery. Journey from the beginning of time, through the cycle of creation and destruction of the Earth's elements. A Fulcrum West prod. Exec Prod: Steve Burns. Prod: AmandaTheunissen. Dir: Brian Skilton.

Sept 1997  - “Tricky Live” - 50 min for C4. Filmed in Paris, this captures the atmosphere of one of Tricky’s rare live appearances. A Rosetta Pictures production. Prods: Emma Crichton-Miller, Sophie Weitzman. Dir: Mark Kidel.

Aug 1997 - “Tricky - Naked and Famous” - 50 min for C4 Arthouse. The Bristol musician reveals his mixed family history and how music took over his life. Rosetta Pictures. Prods: Emma Crichton-Miller, Sophie Weitzman. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

May 1997 - “Stir Fry” - 30 min for C4 Inside Prison series. TV chef Anthony Worral-Thompson takes on the challenge of cooking for 200 inmates, with the sum of just 24 pence per head. A Just Television Prod. Prod: Steve Phelps. Dir: Steve Rankin.

Feb 1997 - “Puccini” - 60 min. BBC 2 Great Composersseries. Puccini's influences and how he shaped the music of the 20th century. An Iambic Production. Exec. Prod: Kriss Rusmanis. Ser. Prod: Avril MacRory. Dir/Prod: Chris Hunt.

Nov 1996 - “Schubert - The Wanderer” - 50 min for BBC 1 Omnibus. On the 200th anniversary of Schubert's birth, pianist András Schiff gives a personal view of the musical genius. Scorer Assc. Ser. Ed: Nigel Williams. Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

Aug 1996 - “Bogart - Here’s looking at you, kid” - 52 min South Bank Show. Bogie's son, Stephen, pieces together the stories of his father's life, to understand his own. Iambic Production for LWT. Series Ed: Melvyn Bragg. Dir/Prod: Chris Hunt. VIMEO

April 1996 - “The Old Man Mad About Art” - 50 min BBC 1 Omnibus. Degas spent his last years obsessively painting female nudes. Images that were to influence C20th artists. Scorer Associates. Ser. Ed: Nigel Williams. Dir/Prod: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

Jan 1996 - “Shooting Blanks” - 40 min for BBC 2 Men's Health series. Five men openly talk about their frustrations and the options open to them for treatment. AVID off-line. A BBC TV Features Production. Prod: Grant Mansfield. Dir: Mark Fielder.

Nov 1995 - “Richard Alston - Just Dancing Around?” - 52 min. C4. From London Contemporary Dance in the 70's, Ballet Rambert in the 80's, to running his own dance company. Euphoria Films. Assc Prod: Sophie Gardener. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Sept 1995 - “No Angel, A life of Marlene Dietrich” - 52 min South Bank Show. Dietrich, the legend, as told by daughter Maria Riva and biographer Stephen Bach. An Iambic production for LWT. Series Ed: Melvyn Bragg. Dir / Prod: Chris Hunt.

July 1995 - “Mani Pulite - Part of a 22 minute drama about the Italian 1992 so-called “Clean Hands” law allowing for arrest on suspicion for six months. University of Bristol production. Prod: Pauline Gray, Written and directed by Giorgia Marangoni.

June 1995 - “Listen, Paula...” - 50 min. BBC 1 Omnibus. Isabel Allende's account of her up-bringing in Chile, and her daughter's death. San Francisco Best TV Arts Doc.Scorer Associates. Ser. Ed: Roger Thompson, Nigel Williams. Dir: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

April 1995 – “Meat” - Prog 2 of 4 x 40 min programmes for BBC 2, looking at our attitudes to eating meat. This episode focuses on food poisoning in battery chickens. BBC Bristol network production Prod: Grant Mansfield, Dir: Julian Mercer.

Feb 1995 - “Concertos for Coventry” - 24 min documentary insert for a performance to mark 50 years since the bombing of Dresden and Sir Michael Tippet’s 90thbirthday. An Iambic production for BBC. Exec Prod: Peter Maniura. Prod/Dir: Chris Hunt.

Oct 1994 - “Joshua Bell” - 50 min for BBC 1 Omnibus. Joshua Bell at 27 - considered as one of the world's greatest violinists. Winner of American Cable Ace award. Scorer Associates. Ser. Ed: Roger Thompson, Nigel Williams. Dir: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

July 1994 - “Bishop of the Arctic” - 50 min. BBC 1 Everyman series. The Inuit and their spiritual relationship with the land and the seals they hunt to survive. Scorer Associates. Series. Ed: John Drury. Prod: Mischa Scorer. Dir: Joseph Kennedy. VIMEO

May - June 1994 - “Travels à la Carte” - 4 of 8 x 25 min for Channel 4. Sophie Grigson and husband William Black journey through Europe, trying-out traditional recipes. Scorer Associates. Exec Prod: Anne Scorer. Dirs: Mischa Scorer and Cassie Farrell.

Jan 1994 - “Dancing in the Street - Hang on to Yourself” - 1 x 60/90 min for BBC 2 / WGBH Boston. Major rock series tracing the development of 'theatrical' rock from Velvet Underground to David Bowie, Elton John and Kiss. Dir / Prod: Hugh Thomson. VIMEO

Nov 1993 - “Boy Next Door?” - 50 min. BBC 1 Omnibus.George O'Dowd and how he survived success, drugs, the press, and the music industry. A Third Eye Production. Series. Prods: Roger Thompson, Nigel Williams. Dir: Mark Kidel. VIMEO

Aug 1993 - “Wild Swans” - 60 min for BBC 1 Omnibus.Jung Chang's story of growing up in C20th China, leading to the publishing of Wild Swans. Scorer Assc. Series Prods: Roger Thompsom, Nigel Williams. Prod / Dir: Mischa Scorer. VIMEO

June 1993 - “London Wildlife Challenge” - Carlton TV. Two of 6 x 25 min. Chris Packham and Tony Hare track down wildlife within the boundaries of the M 25. Scorer Associates. Sers. Prod: Richard Simons. Dirs: Brian Leith, Joseph Kennedy.

May 1993 - “Silver Spoon” - 60 min. BBC 2. Following the progress of some Coronation Babies at the age of forty, using footage from a previous Jubilee 1977 documentary. BBC Bristol. Exec Prod: Alan Bookbinder. Dir: Hugh Thomson.

Mar 1993 - “Kind of Blue” - 52 min C4. Psychiatrist James Hillman leads a journey through various states of melancholia, from blues music to the depths of manic depression. Dibb Directions prod. Assc Prod: Susan Rowe-Leete. Dir: Mark Kidel.

Jan 1993 - “A Night in Casualty” - 25 min. Midweek, current affairs for HTV West. Fly on the wall 'Docu-soap' in the non-stop world of the BRI casualty Dept. filmed over 24 hours. A Brenda Rowe Production. Ser. Prod: Tony Holmes. Dir: Mike Lomas.

Dec 1992 - “Brendel on Beethoven” - 60 min. Alfred Brendel talks about and performs ‘The Tempest’ Sonata (no. 17) at Snape Maltings. Antelope West for BBC and Philips Classics productions. Exec Prod: Dennis Marks,Dir: Mischa Scorer.

Oct - Nov 1992 - “Between the Notes” - 40 min. The Slatefor BBC Wales. Pianist Bernard Roberts traces the history, development and life of piano music, from Mozart to Bartok. Cuedos. Scorer Associates. Ser Prod: Phil George. Dir: Mischa Scorer.

Sept 1992 - “All Your Kisses Are Mine” & “We Grinned And Beared It” 2 x 40 min. The Nineties. BBC 2. Stories of spinsterhood & health told by people born around 1900. BBC Bristol. Exc. Prod: Peter Salmon. Prod: Annie Paul. Dir: Kate Broome. VIMEO

April - June 1992 - “Rescue 999” - BBC1. Six drama / docs. One of the first AVID edits in the UK. Directors: Louise Osborne. Tony Salmon, Robert del Maestro, Penny Shales, Mark Fielder Ser. Prod: Andy Batten Foster. Exec.Prod: Peter Salmon.

Mar 1992 - “Neighbours” - 52 min. Cutting Edge - C4. New Age Travellers, Romany Gypsies, and Avon residents are forced to live in close proximity while the council tries to please everyone. 16mm. Forum TV. Prod: David Parker. Dir: Steve Poole.

Dec 1991 - “The Morris Minor” - 30 min. BBC TV Features, Perpetual Motion series. Affectionate look at why the Morris Minor is still loved and used around the world. Beta SP with archive & graphics. Cuedos. Dir: Mick Conefrey. Prod: Peter Grimsdale.

Oct 1991 - “Life in the Freezer” - 7 minute promo commissioned and used by BBC Enterprises to sell the next up-coming David Attenborough series. Direct on-line edit onto Beta SP. Producer/Director: Martha Holmes.

Sept 1991 - “The Wonderful World of Dung” - 50 min. Natural World series. Actor Tony Robinson's humorous look at our attitude to re-cycling compared with the way used by creatures & plants. Cuedos. Dir: Roger Jones. Ser Prod: Mike Salisbury.

August 1991 - “Father Huddleston Returns” - 50 min. Everyman BBC 1. Archbishop Trevor Huddleston visits South Africa for the first time in 35 yrs, meeting again Walter Sizulu & Nelson Mandela. Cuedos. Antelope West. Prods: Mischa & Anne Scorer. VIMEO

June 1991 - “Colour TV - Blue” - BBC TV Features for BBC 2. 20 min look at what the colour blue means in our culture, from the blues to the infinity and depth of blue. 16mm film edit plus various archive. Dir: Mick Conferey. Prod: Andy Batten-Foster.

Nov 1990 - “Derek Jarman - A Portrait” - 60 min. BBC 2 Arena. Biography of the controversial painter, writer, film maker and gardener at his Dungeness home. 16mm neg plus 8mm & 35mm. Dir: Mark Kidel. Series Ed: Nigel Finch, Anthony Wall. VIMEO

Oct 1990 - “Portman Building Society” - 3 x 30 second TV ads to launch their opening campaign, using wildlife archive to illustrate setting up home. U-matic with Ceudos off-line system. R.S. Alliance production. Dirs: Ron Hill, Gareth Hoare.

Sept 1990 - “Death on the St. Lawrence” - 30 min. BBC 2 Nature series. The effects of toxic poisoning on the Beluga whale, its food chain and the implications for mankind. Beta SP edit. Rep: Triona Holden. Dir: Mark Jacobs. Series. Prod: Jeremy Evans

April 1990 - “The Naturals” - 30 min. West on Two. Twenty years of thespianism on the stage and on the streets, by Bath's Natural Theatre Co. Beta SP, Edited direct on-line on Sony 910. Producer / Director: Caroline Maynard. VIMEO

Feb 1990 - “No Other Memorial” - 30 mins. BBC West opt-out. The life and buildings of Bristol Victorian architect and philanthropist, Sir George Oatley. 16mm neg, film edit. Producer / Director: Caroline Maynard.

Nov 1989 - “Face Values” - Notes in the Margin series, BBC TV Features. 40 min look at Eighties multi-culturism & designer post-modernism! Written & presented by Dr Stephen Heath. 16mm plus VT archive. Dir: David Jeffcock. Prod: Sam Organ.

Aug 1989 - “Splashdown - A Diver's Natural History” - 50 min. Natural World, BBC 2. Marine Biologist Martha Holmes explores underwater coastal UK. Beta SP with16mm. Dir: Mark Jacobs, Prod: Roger Jones. Series Prod: Mike Salisbury.


1983 / 89 (HTV staff) Various documentaries and dramas including:

Robin of Sherwood” 1983-85. 26 x 1hr. Award for best use of 16mm on TV. HTV/Goldcrest. Dirs: Ian Sharp, Robert Young, Sid Roberson. Prods: Paul Knight, Esta Charkham. VIMEO

Dors - The Other Diana”- Dir: Sebastian Robinson.

Voyage of The Peggy” - 1988. Dir: Terry Miller.

Africa in Wiltshire” - 1987.  Filmed by Maurice Tibbles. Prod: Adrian Brenard.

The Man on the Hill” 1987 - Dir: Barrie Gavin. Prod: Derek Clark

The Hanging Committee” - 1986. Award-winning half hour arts doc. Dir: Ken Price. Prod: Richard Edwards.

A Bridge Too Far” - Dir: Trevor Hill.

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